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Frequently Asked Questions: FAQS

We Buy Barnums Animal Crackers Tins!

Q: How much do you pay for each tin?

A: Although determined by the number of usable images per tin you have, we pay up to $30 per tin.

Q: I have over 300 tins, too many to itemize, can I just send them all?

A: We don't buy everything. So, please expect to email group photos of your tins. We will compile a list of those we prefer to buy.

Q: I live nearby; will you pick up the tins?

A: Yes, we will pick up a few tins if you live within 25 miles of Portsmouth, NH. We will drive up to 50 miles for larger lots of tins. We will, however, deduct a $20.00 travel charge from your total.

We Buy Milk Bone Tins!

Q: Will you buy only one tin?

A: Yes, but keep in mind our prices include the cost to ship the tin.

Q: I have some Hershey’s tins, will you buy them?

A: Maybe, Hershey made so many tins we would need a more detailed description or would prefer to see photos.

Q: If I don’t have a digital camera or smartphone, how can I show photos to you?

A: If there is no way to take photos, you can either offer the tins you have that are pictured on this web site or you can email a full description of your tins. We might be able to locate photos on the Internet to confirm those tins you have. However, photos of your tins would be easier for both of us.

We Buy Coffee Tins!

Q: I have a book that tells me my tins are worth more. Why would I sell them for less?

A: If you want the value stated in the books, we suggest you try to sell them at a local shop or in an online auction.

Q: I am an avid yard sale shopper; can I find tins for you?

A: Absolutely! You can be anywhere in the country to look. Simply follow the guidelines on this web site and contact us when you find 8 or more tins. If you are located in or near the NH Maine Seacoast, we will pick up large lots.

Q: How tall do the tins need to be?

A: The minimum height requirement is about 5-1/4 inches, measuring without the lid. The lids on shallow square tins are usable and are usually 6 inches x 6 inches.

We Buy Candyland Game Tins!

Q: Can the tins be round?

Yes, the tins will be opened up and flattened. We cannot use figural tins or tins with more than 5 grooves.

Q: What if a few of my tins have dents, rust or scratches?

A: A few dents are fine. Minor rust and some scratches are okay on vintage tins only.

Q: Do you only buy the tins pictured on this web site?

A: The tins pictured on this web site are tins I always need. I will consider others, so please tell me what you have.

Q: Do you buy tobacco tins?

A: The only tobacco tins we buy are Red Man, due to their desirable Indian-themed graphics!

We Buy Embossed Metal Baking Pans!

Q: What kind of baking pans will you buy?

A: We are ALWAYS in need of old pizza, loaf and cake pans that have the brand name embossed on them. Please let us know what you have.

Q: What a cool idea! Where can I buy your switch plates?

A: Please go to the Tin Can Sally® web site for more information.

Q: Will you pay me before I send my tins?

A: We require you ship your tins first. Please check our references online before you even begin the process or email us for references. We always issue payment by check, PayPal or Zelle within 24 hours

Q: What do you do with the tins?

A: The tins are recycled into switch plates and outlet covers. On average, we use about 90% of the tin, sending only small pieces to landfills.

Q: What format and size should my digital photos be?

A: Size is no longer an issue, but super large photos might require sending in several emails. I do not accept photos by text.

The tins and pans on this website
are a small portion of those we buy!

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