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We Buy Milk Bone Tins With Boston Terrier
Recycled Tin Artist Sarah Kilvert And Her Assistant Punky
Switch Plate Made From A Milk Bone Tin
is maintained by Recycled Tin Artist
Sarah Kilvert

Switch Plates And Outlet Covers From Old Tin Cans

Sarah Kilvert, a recycled tin artist who operates from her studio in Eliot, Maine, recycles advertising tins and pans into switch plates and outlet covers and they are sold throughout the United States and Canada as 


Tin Can Sally® Switch Plates

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Sarah created the process of transforming tins into switch plates after months of research in early 2003. By August of that year, she began selling the switch plates, branded Tin Can Sally, and they quickly caught on. In February 2004, Sarah launched the Tin Can Sally web site which welcomes about 5000 visitors a month!

Tins are hard to find, help us and help the environment, too!

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